The Farm: Organic farming – biodiversity and sustainability

We have about 3.5 hectares of organically farmed apple orchards. Our produce is certified by Bioland, one of Germany's leading organic labels. Organic farming means understanding nature's cycles and using them to the benefit of both environment and production, thus yielding a valuable and healthy harvest in a healthy environment for humans, animals, and plants.
Hedges and various herbs help to increase biodiversity in our orchards and contribute to the creation of a resilient ecosystem.
Also in our cultivars diversity is paramount with juicy and tasty bestsellers like Topaz, Gala, Natyra, Bonita, Evelina, Fuji and Pink Lady.
Our farm is surrounded by a variety of fruit trees like walnut, cherries, apricot, peach, and pear trees. Numerous shrubs with different kinds of berries, herbs, vegetables and a variety of decorative flowers surround the house.